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Keratin Blowout Extender


Perfect Hair For Days at a Time

  • Seals Style
  • Prevents Breakage
  • Builds Body
  • Reduces Blowout Time
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Amplifies Volume
  • Eliminates Frizz
  • Boosts Shine
  • Leaves Hair Flawless
    for Days


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REGAIN YOUR CONFIDENCE - Guaranteed - Perfect Hair
Hair Perfecting Breakthrough
A semi-permanent, style sealing spray that enables you to achieve smoother, shinier, straighter and frizz-free hair for days. Not only will Keratin Blowout Extender lock in style and eliminate frizz, it will infuse keratin protein into the hair shaft to prevent breakage, strengthen the cuticle, build body and deliver thicker, healthier hair.


Keratin Blowout Extender
Our patent-pending, heat activated technology incorporates KERAPURE’s renowned Cross Linked Amino Technology to miraculously transform hair from ordinary to PERFECT with just a blow dryer. Designed to simplify the blowout process, lock in style and leave hair flawless for days on end (even in stifling humidity).


Keratin Blowout Extender
Our technological breakthrough makes blowouts faster and maintains the life of your style without build-up to extend your time between shampoos. While other brands offer “smoothing” products that contain either silicones or toxic chemicals – that are damaging to your hair and your health, Keratin Blowout Extender contains no silicones and is absolutely formaldehyde free.



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How to Use Keratin Blowout Extender


Look like you just stepped out of the salon – EVERYDAY!

What the Experts Are Saying

KERAPURE - The Latest Hairstyles

“My hair following the blow dry (even before running the flat iron through) was noticeably smoother, straighter and softer to the touch. I typically look like a frayed q-tip before using a flat iron, but not in this case!

“So I have really thick, coarse hair. It isn’t straight and it isn’t curly which means when air or blow dried, it typically comes out as an awkwardly wavy ‘pouf’ of a hairstyle. Not exactly attractive! That being said, I am always on the lookout for healthy hair products that can improve the results and extend the life of my blowout. After all, if I am going to spend the 30+ minutes it takes to give myself a good blowout, I want it to look great AND last!

I was super excited when Kerapure offered to send me a sample of their Keratin Blowout Extender to try and review for you guys. This formaldehyde-free, semi-permanent, style sealing spray infuses Keratin into the hair shaft and seals the cuticle resulting in straighter, smoother and shinier hair.”

KERAPURE - The LOOK on the Today Show Review

“The amino acids penetrate the hair to straighten curls, says Wilson.”

“…stayed soft, shiny, and full of volume for the entire three days.”

KERAPURE - The Fashion Spot Review

“Extend the life of your blowout and get straight hair that actually lasts, even in humidity!”

“This semi-permanent, style sealing spray infuses keratin into your hair shaft, ensuring locks remain gorgeous and frizz-free until you wash again. The longer you use it, the better your hair texture will become. Now, that’s rad.”

KERAPURE - InStyle Review

Problem: My blowout never lasts.

To keep your waves looking full and bouncy for days, spritz a generous amount of the keratin-infused Kerapure Blowout Extender ($48; onto wet strands. The fortifying amino acids make hair healthier with each use, and give the smooth style a longer lifespan.

KERAPURE - Laurens Beauty Tips Review“…it is taking much less time to achieve the results that I normally get. Over time using this product actually trains your hair into being more cooperative. I give it 2 thumbs up!”
KERAPURE - Tried and Tested Beauty Review“I would recommend this product to anyone who gets blow out, travels, frequently, blow dries your hair at home, great for upcoming holiday parties. It’s great if you are fighting frizz and wanting your
KERAPURE - New Beauty Review“This semi-permanent, style sealing spray infuses keratin into the hair shaft and seals the hair cuticle to keep hair smoother, shinier, straighter and frizz-free for days.”

KERAPURE - Hello Dollface Review

Best Beauty of 2011!

“I got a special trial of this product and I LOVED IT! Gently removed frizz from hair without taking all the body and volume. I need another round. A+ !”

KERAPURE - Beautystat Review
KERAPURE - Beauty Launchpad Review
Modern Weekly Salon
Kerapure Blowout Extender

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Author: Hairstyles2013

I would definitely recommend Kerapure’s Keratin Blowout Extender! It is easy to apply and does exactly what is says it will do, simplify your blowout and extend the life of it. I try my hardest to go three days between washings, surviving only with the powers of dry shampoo and my minimal creative styling abilities (haha!). I have a pretty oily scalp to oftentimes I look pretty rough even on day two. The Blowout Extender helps keep some life in my hair past day one and keeps it smooth, soft and manageable through day three.

Author: Loreen

This product really works. It made my hair feel soft, look shiny and my hair was frizz-free. My hair looked perfect for days and I was really happy with the results.

Author: Christina

So, instead of having to battle with my hair everyday, I only have to tackle my monstrous mane twice a week. Brilliant!

Author: Lauren

My hair is so much easier to maintain. And, the more you use it the better your results will be. My normal routine took me from 3 days (normal amount of time between blowout/straightening) to 5 days of having my hair looking fabulous!

Author: Joan

Kerapure is a dream come true for us curly, frizzy hair girls who fear the rain, mist and SF fog!

Author: Kelly

My hair is naturally straight, but never looks smooth and shiny. I can’t believe how glossy and smooth my hair is after using this. It literally stays perfect for days.

Author: Sharon

I never write reviews, but I am amazed that this blowout spray works so well. I used it to make curls with my curling iron and they stayed forever. My hair feels silky not matter what style I attempt. LOVE.

Author: Liz

A must for anyone with hair!!!

Author: Phoebe

It took me way less time to blowdry my hair and the results were amazing.

Author: Siobhan

Author: Sara

Great styling spray, makes my morning hair ritual so much easier.

Author: Olivia

I’ve tried every blowout spray and keratin treatment on the market, but Kerapure is hands down my favorite. My hair stays straight and smooth until I have to wash it (usually by day 4) and it is soft and super shiny. Definitely worth every penny.

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Safe Keratin is a commitment to our clients that our product delivers beautiful results without any health risks. There is no justifiable reason to expose stylists and clients to the dangers of toxic levels of formaldehyde. KERAPURE™ is the SAFE way to smooth. KERAPURE™ is manufactured by a FDA registered Over-the-Counter Drug and Medical Device manufacturer and complies with the strictest guidelines regarding safety and exposure. Therefore, it meets or exceeds all safety regulations.